Since last year, Filpack agricole has been serving as a distributor for Paskal’s Growth Analysis System in France. Philippe Augenie, manager of the company, spoke with Hortidaily about their new services and about Paskal’s new Growth Analysis System.

The main objective of the Paskal Growth Analysis system is to optimize crop management for maximum profit. Precise and accurate crop weights are recorded and the data is transferred to the data processing system on a continuous basis. “Even though we have been working with Paskal for 20 years, I must say this system is exceptional and really smart, it was quite a surprise and something that really fits our portfolio as well, since it can be a real help for growers to achieve better productions”, Augenie said.

Besides consulting the growers about the new GAS, Filpack will also cover the installation of the Growth Analysis System; this would be done by the technicians of the company. Augenie has high hopes about the systems. “We cannot predict the acceptance of the system yet, but I really think that more innovative growers would give it a try.”

Filpack's Philippe Augenie with the Growth Analysis System.

Augenie mentioned that they only start the distribution with 10 growers in the first year, so they can fine-tune the product for the future buyers. “At the moment we are not making a big publicity for this product. We prefer staying silent and making it perfect as fast as possible.”

According to Augenie, the French greenhouse industry is developing moderately at the moment. “There are quite a few investments, but not very big ones. However, some growers are really innovative and like staying informed and state-of-the-art. This is why new products like the Growth Analysis System have a future in France as well.”

“We are very much aware of the fact that growers wish to mitigate the risk in their production and get back their investment fast. This is why we aim to work together with the most competitive suppliers and make the best offer on the market” concluded Augenie. “In order to support and allow growers to experiment with innovations, Fipack will offer a unique rental system. “We will offer a new, competitive product coupled with payment facilitation the growers need to pay only at the end of the year if they agree with the system. Almost like no cure- no pay.”

For more information on Paskal's product in France, please contact:

Philippe Augenie

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