After the success of the Mexican AgroPark in Querétaro, Honduras will get it's own AgroPark in Lempira. The plans for the 100 hectare site in La Campa might sound quite ambitious, but speaking with Fernando Villatoro, general manager of Maya International Produce, Honduras has got a lot of potential for the development of high tech greenhouse horticulture. "We are already busy with the realization of the first 7.5 hectare pepper greenhouse."

The initiatives of the Honduran Agropark comes from the same investors that paved the way for the successful AgroPark formula near the Mexican city of Queretaro, in the state of Guanajuato. In 2003, the Dutch fresh produce company Levarht broke ground with the first greenhouse of Freshmex to grow bell peppers for the US market. Nowadays, all of the available space at the AgroPark in Querétaro is sold out, and an expansion is imminent.

Peppers cultivated at the Mexican AgroPark at FreshMex

With the realization of Agropark Lempira, the largest agricultural production facility in Honduras and Central America, the country expects to generate about 3.6 million in foreign exchange with the shipment of the first 90 containers in the third quarter of 2015. Also here the growers of Levarht and Freshmex are involved in the AgroPark Lempira.

With this project, Honduras aims to become one of the major suppliers for the U.S., competing with major producers such as Mexico. The park, where initially peppers will be grown, will feature advanced technology and modern greenhouses; a new concept that will revolutionize the country's agricultural sector and create about 2,100 direct and indirect jobs.

According to Fernando Villatoro, the construction work for Maya International Produce greenhouse will start in 2015. ´It is anticipated that the first stage, which will cost about $ 10 million and will consist of 7.5 hectares of greenhouses and will be completed in late September of the same year.

Maya International Produce will be in charge of managing the park as well. Their goal is to fill the ​​100 hectares with high tech greenhouse structures within five years. Villatoro is confident that companies will establish their greenhouses at the Agropark. "Honduras welcomes foreign investors that want to take advantage of the excellent opportunities in Honduras agricultural industry. The Agropark will be a free trade zone; companies that operate inside the Agropark can operate under the Free Zone status which provides ample tax incentives including, income & sales tax exemptions, as well as import duties exemption for materials & supplies necessary to run the operation.

“Lempira Agropark is intended for local and international companies that are looking to invest in High Tech Greenhouses. This is an innovative concept that delivers higher productivity and excellent quality. "

If Agropark Lempira's results are satisfactory, similar facilities could be built in the area of the country's dry corridor, in places such as Intibucá, Copan and Santa Barbara, among others.

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