At Steenks a new ropemachine has been added to the assortment. Besides the existing model that is operated with a switch, a new model has been introduced. This model cuts the rope and directly launches a new rope. “From the beginning of this year, this model could not be delivered”, says Sander Zuidgeest from Steenks. “However, there is still a demand for the model and it is a nice supplement on our existing assortment. Different models give growers the opportunity to choose. For everyone, we have a model that meets their needs." Both machines are manufactured in-house.

While the rope is being cut, the machine already starts with unrolling another rope. Therefore the machine is able to reach a capacity of 2,000 ropes per hour. The machine is updated thoroughly. “The machine works more precise and exactly cuts the rope at the preferred length. In former times, deviations occurred. Nowadays, this is not an issue anymore.” Additionally, the construction has been simplified. “Less components, which means less wearing out. It is a maintenance-free model.”

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