Jiffy is set to participate in the upcoming meeting October 28, 2014 on the subject of "Sub-irrigation in gutters: Results of the Ofralser project and openings/prospects for horti-floriculture".

The Ofralser project is funded by the Italian Ministries of Research and Economic Development and implemented by the CRA (Council of Research and experimentation in Agriculture) Horticultural Center of Research based in Pontecagnano (SA).

Speaking on behalf of Jiffy will be Arjan Van Leest (Hydroponic Product Manager), on the subject of 'Soilless/hydroponic cultivation on coir in the world', Donato Lucia will be presenting a broad perspective on Jiffy's presence in Italy.

The meeting's goal is to disseminate the results of 3 years of research using Jiffy coir as substrate. Invitees are primarily interested growers, researchers and agricultural extension workers. This isn't primary research, the aim is to apply the research results practically. All papers/research presented will be distributed throughout the web and a blog aimed at a community of practical implementations of the results is also planned.

The afternoon will include a visit to a production facility to see an example of the practical implementation of the results in a commercial farm. At this farm they are using around 500 Jiffy growbags and a dozen 'Easyfill bags' . The Jiffy Growbags were donated by Jiffy to assist this 40 hectare farm making the change from soil grown to ‘out of the soil’ cultivation.

Click here to view the schedule of the meeting on the 28th of October (PDF).

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