Tomatoes have been found growing in human waste dumped from trains on tracks in Essex, a rail union has said in an article on the Independent. The tomato plant, spotted on the line at Rochford, is understood to have grown after undigested seeds were fertilised by sewage discharged from trains, rail union RMT has said.

The union said it has been calling on the government to ban train companies from the "filthy and disgusting" practice of dumping waste on to the tracks.

It described the practice as a serious health hazard for track and fleet staff.

RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said: "It shames Britain's railways that tons of human excrement is being dumped straight on the tracks while the private train companies make huge profits and the Government does nothing.

"Not only does this create filthy and dangerous working conditions for rail staff who are routinely sprayed with this waste but it also shows that the Government are prepared to tolerate this scandal while greedy rail operators make a killing.

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