Bell Nursery has announced it has acquired two new growing operations in North Carolina and Virginia. The addition of Bentwood Farms and Blue Ridge Growers will add more than 250 acres of greenhouse and field production space.

Virginia’s Blue Ridge Growers’ 110 acres will allow Bell to expand in-house production and provide for future growth. The operation will grow annuals, perennials, mums and poinsettias to supply Bell-served Home Depot garden centres.

“Blue Ridge has proven over the years to have an outstanding culture of growing quality product in a timely manner, and they have been an important supplier to us,” says Gary Mangum, CEO of Bell Nursery.

Bentwood Farms in North Carolina added 150 acres of outdoor perennial and ground cover production, providing Bell with the ability to bring to market a superior perennial assortment with earlier availability than its northern farms allow. Additional facility investments are underway, which will provide further opportunities for growth.

“The Bentwood acquisition has proven to be an excellent strategic move, bringing virtually all perennial production in-house and nearly tripling our overall perennial output,” Mangum says. “The team’s experience in perennial and groundcover production helped increase availability across the entire enterprise.”

The success of the Bentwood acquisition provided Bell with confidence in looking at other growth opportunities and led directly to the decision to acquire Blue Ridge to secure additional annual and perennial production capacity.

“We are pleased with the year we’ve had with the added perennial growing capacity provided by Bentwood, and look forward to similar positive results with the addition of the Blue Ridge team,” Mangum says. “Our business is one of people and products, and we’re equally excited to gain ownership of these facilities, and especially proud to have expanded our team.”

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