Logiqs has been active on the North American market since the late 1970’s. Although they have operated under different corporate names, they are still the same organization.

We have installed many systems over all those years. Some are manual and some are completely automated. We have systems with bedding plant growers, flowering pot plant growers, vegetable growers and citrus tree seedling growers just to name a few. The market in North America is quite different than in Europe. Most North American growers have to grow many different crops since they mostly sell direct to the retailer. An auction system like in The Netherlands hardly exists in North America.

So most of the production equipment needs to be flexible a grower that would grow one pot size and one variety is very rare over here. Some of the very specific robots that would have labour saving aspects in Europe would have limited savings over here. Mostly 80% of the equipment and automation is useful in North America the remaining 20% has hardly any good return on investment. There are of course exceptions, if a grower does do a tremendous amount of a single pot size it might warrant a specific robotic application.

The market here has gone through the same economical ups and downs as in Europe. Right now the market is getting better. The past few years have not been great as is to be expected. Housing had a major impact here and many landscapers are crawling out of a deep economic slump.

This spring started late for a lot of growers because of the weather. However, once it started it was a good selling season.

Here are some of the challenges that growers faced this year; 63% Weather, 11% staffing / labour, 8% economy, 6% marketing, 5% completion, 4% transportation and 3% Access to credit.

Looking at our workload and RFP’s we are having a very good year. Also in North America alternative crops are beginning to come up with legislative changes.

Logiqs and HOVE International have had a 24 year relationship that has been extremely fruitful for both parties. HOVE has grown in to the North American office for Logiqs. Customers as well as future customers have a one stop point to get all the information they need as well as support for spare parts, designs and advise. HOVE International also supplies customers with advice on other automation equipment that blends well with all the Logiqs products.

Both companies are looking forward to continued success for many years to come.

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