Artcan Agriculture Limited Company, based in Antalya-Turkey, has completed its greenhouse project in Russia. With a team of professionals and innovators the company was able to realize a 13 hectare greenhouse project with the latest technologies for the production of tomatoes in Volgograd, Russia. 

Artcan Agriculture also did the consultancy for the project. Offering original solutions to complicated issues from investment to production and from production to market. They can provide the marketing of the produced products and set up a marketing department according to the demand of the investor.

The company has a professional agricultural engineer which can give production advice and educate the technical team.The owners of the company are well known people at their fields in Turkey; Mr. Mustafa Satici is chairman of West Mediterranean Exporters Union and Mr. Mehmet Sait Gucin is an agricultural engineer and consult to large companies for production and marketing. Mr. Osman Ucar, civil engineer, worked as project coordinator in this project. 

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H. Ertugrul Sahin 
Project Consultant