As part of the national strategic project to boost productivity and competitiveness in the agrifood sector, the Minister of Agriculture and the governor of the state of San Luis Potosí inaugurated agricultural greenhouses of high technology in the state.

The Center of Technological Innovation for Protected Agriculture “El Huevo” increased its área to 10 hectares of greenhouses, now reaching 40 hectares in total. There will also be training and technological development programs.

With these efforts, there will be an increase in the export potential for tomato and peppers in the area.

This investment will also mean an increase of 600 direct jobs, and two thousand five hundred tons of gourmet tomato, for the national and international markets.

During the event the Minister of Agriculture stated that President Peña Nieto is interested to change the vision of the rural sector and support the agrifood sector growth, as a motor of economic and social development.

He said that with these realities it will be possible to reduce problems in the sector, and through the development of protected agriculture, the Ministry (SAGARPA) supports programs and components to modernize and support competitiveness of the rural sector, through agro clusters and added value products for the local and foreign markets.

The Ministry of Agriculture has also budgeted resources for the construction of a packing area, with refrigeration centres, sealing machines and offices.

Other important activities that took place that day were the evaluation of the advance of programs and projects such as repopulation of bovine cattle, the discussion for an agropark in the municipality of Salinas, and the support to the production of cane sugar ethanol.