Plant pathogens in irrigation water, like Phytophthora ramorum, are a major threat to crops, and the cost of managing them is high. The latest comprehensive knowledge on these pathogens—as well as how to detect and manage them—is crucial for large farms, nurseries, greenhouses, and other crop-based systems that use irrigation.

Biology, Detection, and Management of Plant Pathogens in Irrigation Water, edited by Chuanxue Hong, Gary W. Moorman, Walter Wohanka, and Carmen Büttner, is the first comprehensive title that compiles biological information on the many pathogens found in irrigation water, as well as the practical information needed to detect and manage these pathogens.

The combination of scientific and applied information in this 30-chapter, 420+ page book makes it ideal for APS members and related scientists working with greenhouses, nurseries, large farms, and other crop-based systems using irrigation. 

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