The 35th edition of the Canadian Greenhouse Conference officially takes off today at the Scotiabank Convention Centre in Niagara Falls, Canada. Yesterday an international group of growers joined the sold-out, pre-conference bus tour to visit an excellent selection of interesting greenhouse operations in the Niagara region. 

Grower Ed Boekestyn welcomed the large group at his greenhouses in St. Catharines.

Also was aboard and in the coming weeks you can find several articles in our newsletter about the operations we attended. The tour attended two ornamental production sites ( Boekestyn Greenhouses and Westbrook Greenhouses Plant 4 in St. Catharines), two vegetable greenhouses growers (Martens Greenhouses in Vineland and Berkel Greenhouse Inc in Simcoe) and the state-of-art new greenhouse of vegetable young plant propagator Proplant.

Cucumber grower Bill Martens in Vineland sharing his experiences with the High-wire system. After extensive trials he favours to cultivate his crop with the traditional trellising system. 

Today and tomorrow we will be walking the trade show to make our photo report and we are present with a booth at #2006. Feel free to walk by to learn more about the High Tech Greenhouse Tour that we will be organizing in Holland in February. You might as well drop by to get yourself a fresh copy of the debuting HortiDaily Buyer's Guide '15-'16.

Phalaenopsis in flowering stages at Westbrook plant 4 in St. Catharines

The Canadian Greenhouse Conference will be held from 8 to 9 October 2014 at the Scotiabank Convention Centre, Niagara Falls, Canada. It's Canada’s marketplace for grower technology. For more information about the exhibition, visit

Ted Berkel grows peppers and beefsteak in Simcoe, he shared a lot of his experience in using coir substrates, diffuse coatings and fighting botrytis disease pressure. 

We are looking forward to seeing you there!