Ontario announced on September 24th, 2014 that construction would begin on a new and innovative greenhouse. Roughly two times larger than any other horticulture research greenhouse in Ontario, the facility will be the largest in Canada. The greenhouse at Vineland Research & Innovation Centre will conduct research for “developing innovative technologies that will help deliver more food to the market faster,” states a press release.

Specific research topics include growing more resilient and profitable crops, pest-management systems for greenhouses and receiving consumer input on products. Support comes from the government as their plan is to “invest in people, build modern infrastructures, and support a dynamic and innovative business climate.”

The research results generated within greenhouse will be shared information using a multitude of methods—depending on innovation and target audience. The format could be a newspaper article, report or scientific paper. “Some information will be widely dispersed to a broad range of stakeholders resulting, in some cases, in a spillover outside of Canada,” explains Dr. Jim Brandle, the CEO of Vineland Research & Innovation Centre. “Other types of information may be proprietary and be shared only with project partners so its value can be retained for a longer period of time.”

Although the greenhouse is centralized in Ontario, it is open for “partnerships with greenhouse growers from across Canada,” Dr. Jim Brandle states. “We will also look around the world for the best research and commercial partners.”

For more information: www.vinelandresearch.com