Desa Plants PLC, is based in Ejersa 83 km from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Desa Plants was established in 2007 and was originally a farm where only pelargonium cuttings were grown. The cutting company started with 4 hectares of plastic greenhouses in 2008 and has grown to 14 acres of plastic greenhouses. 

The cutting assortment expanded and now they produce also cuttings of dipladenia, poinsettias, border and bedding plants, herbs and perennials, which are all exported worldwide. The farm is run the past 6 years by Ben Depraetere together with local and Belgian management. Bosman Van Zaal was committed from the beginning, build and installed all irrigation and electricity systems, a reverse osmosis installation, the water storage tanks, the heating equipment and the power group for the nursery.

Additionally Bosman Van Zaal offers service & maintenance of all installations and fulfilled the complete automation with an Hoogendoorn iSii climate computer recently installed. Desa Plants produces top quality cuttings with respect for people and the environment in Ethiopia. 

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