Bayer CropScience is expanding production at its Muttenz site in the Swiss canton of Basel-Landschaft, and today inaugurated a new production facility. The new facility is a reaction to the growing demand for agricultural commodities and will expand Bayer's production capacities in the area of crop protection.

"This recently undertaken investment of approximately EUR 100 million will make Muttenz a central site from which we will be able to serve the global demand for the Nativo™ family of crop protection products," said Bayer CropScience CEO Liam Condon. Explained Barbara Heise, Senior Bayer Representative in Switzerland: "We are proud that here in Switzerland we have one of Bayer CropScience's most modern and efficient production facilities worldwide thanks to this expansion."

Investments totalling EUR 200 million and workforce tripled

Since acquiring the production site in 2000, Bayer CropScience has invested continuously in the manufacturing facilities there. Including the most recent investment of EUR 100 million, investment in Muttenz since 2000 has totalled EUR 200 million.

"Bayer's strong investment here is an extremely welcome and positive signal for the Swiss economy and the Basel-Landschaft region," said Thomas de Courten, a National Council member and Head of Business Development for Basel-Landschaft. "It clearly shows that Switzerland and our region in particular can compete internationally in the area of production as well, thanks to our innovative solutions and high quality."

The size of the workforce has also increased in parallel to the capital expenditures: the headcount has more than tripled over the past 15 years to 230 full-time positions at present. Another approximately 30 jobs for qualified personnel will be created through 2015.

Highest production standards

With a total area of 6,675 square meters, the production facilities feature state-of-the-art technology in compliance with the latest environmental standards. The site produces various intermediates for the synthesis of trifloxystrobin, an active substance with a broad spectrum of action against fungal diseases in many fruit, vegetable and cereal varieties which is used successfully around the world. "Against the background of difficult climatic conditions and limited arable land, we are helping to safeguard the supply of healthy food for a growing world population," explained Condon.

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