At the end of week 38, A&F van Steekelenburg will begin supplying Chrysanthemum ‘Feeling White’. This sparkling white mutant in the ‘Feeling Green’ series will be delivered to FloraHolland Naaldwijk. The beautiful, bright white colour of this variety with a bright green centre makes ‘Feeling White’ a real asset for the chrysanthemum assortment.

Besides ‘Feeling White’, A&F van Steekelenburg will also begin supplying the deep purple ‘Journey Dark’ at the beginning of week 39. You are already familiar with the disbudded version of ‘Journey Dark’’. This spray version will now provide a wonderful addition. Along with its intense colour, sturdy stems and attractive deep green leaves, ‘Journey Dark’ is also conspicuous for its outstanding keeping quality. In short, a fantastic addition to the chrysanthemum assortment!

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