Today DuPont opened its Innovation Center in Shanghai, China - the company's first such facility in mainland China. The Center will feature the latest DuPont innovations, applications and products that address local market needs in food, energy, automotive and protection, as well as computer, communications and consumer electronics, sectors.

"The Shanghai Innovation Center brings the power of DuPont science to our customers as we work together to uncover unmet needs of populations and create value-adding solutions to global challenges," said DuPont Senior Vice President and Chief Science & Technology Officer Douglas Muzyka.

The 3,800 square-foot Innovation Center is co-located with the China R&D Center and will enable real-time connections between customers and DuPont scientists and engineers at more than 150 R&D centers around the world.

As part of a global network of Innovation Centers, the Shanghai center will facilitate collaboration between customers, industry regulators, academia and business partners and more than 10,000 DuPont scientists and engineers around the world.

"China is strategically important to DuPont. The DuPont Shanghai Innovation Center gives customers in China access to our full range of scientific capabilities to find solutions to their unmet needs, enabling the rapid development and commercialization of compelling new technologies," said DuPont Greater China President Tony Su.

"Our goal is to create and grow partnerships with key stakeholders so that science-powered inclusive innovation will create lasting, sustainable solutions in China and around the world."

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