In the beginning of September, an open day was organized at the breeders. This year, four varieties were highlighted at De Ruiter. The development from the chain is remarkable: push-pull. De Ruiter's marketing manager Nico van Vliet showed us the most important innovations.

With the tuktuk to Tomato Experience CentreAlways. The same driver, but another tuktuk every year.

Beef tomato DR9544TH

Beef tomato DR9544TH is developed from the chain (push-pull). The leading variety in Belgium is not allowed anymore, the Flandria Segmentation 2014/2105 was not met. This creates a gab in the market. De Ruiter has drawn the attention on the variety DR9544TH in consultation with the trade. Consequently, extra attention has been paid to the ribbed shape. A couple of years, the ribbed shape was absent, but currently, this shape is very desired in the trade chain. Additionally, the long shelf life, good colour, firmness, strong green parts are important. The percentage of BBB-sorting is high. DR9544TH weighs 260-280 grams. Moreover, the varieties produce earlier than the standard variety, and it is strong against cracking and has a higher yield.

The DR9544TH is slightly bigger than Rebelski. Both varieties are allowed in the Flandria segmentation selection.

Mini San Marzano DR2656TC

A new variety: DR2656TC is available in the mini San Marzano segment. Times are challenging for the segment. De Ruiter reacts to these challenging times by offering varieties that produces earlier and can offer a higher production. Additionally, the plant is slim. Therefore, more stams will fit in a square meter. The tomatoes have a recognizable shape and a beautiful colour. DR2656TC is suitable for loose harvest.

Cherry vine DR0607TC

Currently, two trends can be noticed in the cherry vine-segment. The demand for premium product is filled with the varieties like Juanita and Picolla, while the Conchita plays an important role, in the commodity market. With the DR0607TC, the Ruiter will be in the middle of these two segments. The production is higher than the premium varieties and the taste is very good. However, it is less distinctive than the premium varieties. The tomato weights approximately 14 to 16 grams. Moreover, the DR0607TC is freely available which cannot be achieved with the premium variates.

Is this variety a competitor of other varieties of De Ruiter? Juanita is also a variety of the breeder. "At the moment, it is a desired variety. On the one hand, we compete with our other varieties. On the other hand, we would like to offer the best products, as more varieties of lower quality were entering the market."

The development of the vine cherry is clearly visible. At the left side, the conventional segment. In the middle, the new segment and on the right side the premium variety.

The variety on the left has existed for 15 years. The differences by colouring and uniformity are clearly visible.

Middle vine tomato DR1398TH

A preview; the middle vine tomato DR 1398TH. This year, the new variety will be tested under exposure to light, during the autumn cultivation and the traditional cultivation. This is possible because the variety is flexible for pruning the vine. In order to grow stable, it can be cut at 5, 6, 7, and 8 tomatoes. Moreover, they are less affected by yellow crowns.

An well-known picture of Tomato Experience Centre.


The striped tomato SV0946TS and the clear tomato SV0948TS are remarkable. SV0948TS can be harvested loose as well as on a vine and it differs from other tomatoes by its "yellow" taste.


Besides the new varieties and the test varieties, the existing varieties received a lot of attention at De Ruiter. For years, Merlice is the main variety in the large vine segment. "Never, a party has been disapproved. Therefore, it is a highly appreciated variety by the traders. Moreover, there are always possibilities to distribute the variety. Due to the long shelf life, the variety is suitable for long distances." However, the opinions of the growers differ. The yields are above average, but the taste do not meet the expectations. "The tomato is suited for hot preparations or a salad" said van Vliet. "A tomato with more flavour is available in a different segment."


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