The University of Almeria (Spain) has a new master in Mediterranean Greenhouse Horticulture.

Dr MarĂ­a Teresa Lao Arenas is the coordinator of the master.
The master is aimed at researchers, students and professionals working in the integrated management of protected horticultural crops in arid and semi-arid areas considering the whole food chain, from produce production to postharvest quality maintenance.

This Master is an evolution of other two: the Master's Degree in Plant Production in Protected Crops available from 2005 and the Master's Degree in Greenhouse Technology and Innovation available from 2009.

The Master lasts one year and provides 60 credits. The languages used are Spanish and English.

The Master will address topics related to greenhouse technology, protected crops, intensive horticulture, postharvest and quality.

As the industry is continuously demanding technological advances in different areas of engineering, agronomy, postharvest technology, logistics and commercial distribution, after master there will be professional opportunities for students, researchers and technicians who work in the horticultural sector.

Those interested can visit the website

for info about: study plan; objectives and competences; access and admission; grants and aids; timetable, rooms and exams; mobility; external internships; professional opportunities after master; coordination and teachers; regulations and documents; etc.

To contact the coordinator or the teachers of the master

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