On Tuesday September 30th, the Dutch King will join the opening of the new R&D centre of PlantLab in the De Gruyter Fabric in s'Herthogenbosch, the Netherlands.

PlantLab is mainly concerned with the growth of plants in closed rooms without daylight. These rooms are called Plant Production Units (PPU). It utilizes a patented combination of light and climate control. With this technique, plants are able to grow anywhere and at any time of the year. Therefore, it is possible to produce at the consumption location and the transport can be limited. Compared to the agriculture production, the PPU's save 90% of water. Moreover, no pesticides are used during the cultivation.

The PPU's can be used for the production of natural food and for the development and production of medicines, cosmetics and flavourings. Besides, it offers possibilities to fight against famine and the accommodation for refugees. Inside the building, a PlantLab Playground Foundation has been established. Here, Students are invited to think about new application possibilities

With the R&D centrum, Plantlab contributes to the development of North-east Brabant, the Netherlands as an Agrifood Capital. Here, educational institutions, government and industry collaborate on a high-quality level in the field of nutrition, health and sustainability.

After the opening, the King will receive a tour in the R&D centre and the PlantLab Playground.

For more information:
Hubert-Jan van Boxel
T: +31 646 078 429
www.plantlab.nl, www.agrifoodcapital.nl