Veiling Holambra, the flower auction in Brasil, will intensify the cooperation with MPS to stimulate sustainability amongst the members of the cooperation. MPS almost has 20 year experience with the implementation of sustainability throughout the floricultural sector and sees it as a challenge to cooperate with parties worldwide on this topic. The CEO’s André van Kruijssen (Veiling Holambra) and Theo de Groot (MPS) confirmed the expansion of the co-operation with a firm handshake.

“Veiling Holambra is growing at a firm rate. At this moment we have 350 members. Within this growth thinking about how to put sustainability on the map is a good fit”, says CEO van Kruijssen. “Not only that but also because here in Brasil several retailers already have attention for the aspect of sustainable products within their assortment.”

Theo de Groot from MPS: “In the first place it totally fits our ambition to integrate sustainability globally in the floriculture and in the total supply chain after that. Besides this we already have 16 certified participants for MPS ABC in Brasil and today we are celebrating the addition of 2 new participants. Brasil for us is a growth market and a focus for the upcoming years.

The Brazilian delegation visited MPS in Honselersdijk: Standing from left to right: Remco Jansen (MPS/manager Retail), Harold Beek, (MPS/manager R&D), Patricia Fabiano Bechelli en Bruna Pires da Rocha en André van Kruijssen (flower auction Holambra). Sitting from left to right: Theo de Groot (MPS/director) Adriano van Rooyen and Geraldo Barendse (growers)

MPS’ Brasil office from where Arthij van der Veer (General International Coordinator Latin America) and Thiago Mena (Regional Coordinator) cooperate with Veiling Holambra on the implementation of the sustainable practices at their members. Both comment that the co-operation with the Veiling has given a big push to the interest of growers in the MPS ABC-certification.

The participation of the growers Geraldo Barendse and Adriano van Rooyen, both board members at Veiling Holambra, is another big step forward. Geraldo Barendse produces anthurium, violins, ixora and pot lilies on 3 locations in the Holambra area while Adriano van Rooyen is a producer of cut roses in the Holambra region.