Keeping up-to-date with pesticide recertification is a fact of life for the greenhouse industry. At the November 5-6, 2014, Northeast Greenhouse Conference and Expo in Springfield MA, growers will have ample opportunity to learn valuable new information on all aspects of pest and disease management while earning the pesticide credits they need to maintain their certification status.

A total of 10 one-hour presentations (credits vary by state) will be offered for the six New England states plus New York. Please check the schedule on the program brochure, as some of the presentations are at the same time.

Come hear the following presentations from some of the top experts from the US and Canada:

On Wednesday November 5th
  • Biocontrol in Retail Settings: A Growers Panel will feature hands-on expertise by Robin Jordon from Robin’s Flower Pot (Farmington ME) and Ryan Conroy from Volante Farms (Needham MA). This session will be moderated by Betsy Lamb from Cornell University;
  • New Diseases and New Worries from the Old Ones by Margery Daughtrey, Cornell University;
  • Focus on Fungal Diseases of Greenhouse Crops and Management with Biofungicides by Brian Eshenaur, Cornell University;
  • Hot Topics: Neonicotinoids and Their Alternatives by Dan Gilrein, Cornell University, will provide current advice on this hot topic;
  • Insect Disease Interactions: Dan Gilrein and Margery Daughtrey, Cornell University; and
  • If you Build it, They Will Come! Banker & Habitat Plants Explained will help you get started raising your own biologicals with practical advice from Cheryl Frank Sullivan, University of Vermont.

On Thursday November 6th
  • Diagnostics: What is the Problem? by Margery Daughtrey, Cornell University, will help you develop a process for correctly identifying plant problems;
  • What a Warming World means for Pest Outbreaks will feature Mike Raupp, University of Maryland entomologist;
  • Advanced Biocontrol Panel will give you an opportunity to learn advanced methods from three experts: Ron Valentin, Biobest Canada; John Sanderson of Cornell University; and Suzanne Wainwright Evans, of Buglady Consulting; and
  • Compatibility of Bio-Control Agents with Pesticides, by Ron Valentin, Biobest Canada.

Complete program and registration information are online at:

Rates increase after Sept 15th, register early to save!

The Northeast Greenhouse Conference and Expo is sponsored by the Extension programs of the six New England State Universities, New York State and New England Floriculture, Inc.

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