With the aim of educating both newbies and foodies about their signature line of tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers, The Sunset Flavormobile has made several stops on the East Coast and Midwest on their Flavor Tour. The tour, which started in Boston and will end in California, is in its second month on the road.

Sunset’s goal is to expose consumers to the different brands of tomatoes in their product line, so they came up with the Sunset Flavor Tour. The Flavormobile, Sunset’s customized food truck, is scheduled to stop at different events and retailers throughout the country. The tour has already been to Boston, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Columbus, Cleveland and New York City.
One of the stops, The Boston GreenFest, was a very unique experience, according to Daniela Ferro of Sunset. “The Boston GreenFest is a weekend festival that educates attendees on greener alternatives to everything from food to clothing to renewable energy. Our Flavor Crew had a great experience sharing our greenhouse story and teaching people about Sunset’s Green Grass Project™ and how we contribute to a greener environment.”
The feedback from people at store locations has been fantastic. “Many customers will walk out of the store and show us how many tomatoes they bought because of the sample we gave them, which is very rewarding.” The food truck includes Sunset's line of gourmet greenhouse produce, including Campari, Kumato Y.E.L.O. and Zima tomatoes, to name a few. The gourmet samples include a tomato watermelon salad, pizza topped with tomatoes and peppers, oven roasted tomatoes, and more.

“People have been very excited to share new recipes and experiences and try new flavors,” said Ferro. “So many people are still intrigued by our Kumato™ tomatoes because of their unique colour, and absolutely fall in love with the flavor. Our Flavor Crew has also encountered people who claimed they didn’t eat tomatoes, tried a sample, and loved it. So this has been an amazing opportunity to introduce people to the Sunset brand.” The Flavor Tour has also educated people about the sustainable manner in which Sunset grows their produce.
“We have been educating consumers and retailer associates on what it means to be greenhouse grown,” said Ferro. “Telling our story and sharing our Green Grass Project™ has been very beneficial as it gives people more insight into our passion and more of a connection with Sunset.”
While consumers will be able to sample Sunset's line of tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers, they can also sign up for a chance to win a trip for two to Napa Valley that includes wine tours, cooking classes and sightseeing.
To learn more about the tour and to check out the next stops visit www.flavor-tour.com.