Recently three Phalaenopsis growers decided to switch to growing in the Plant Growth Cell. In total, they are using three million Plant Growth Cells. The Plant Growth Cell is tailored to the needs of the customer and thus perfectly suited to create the correct environment for the plant. Before the decision to proceed with the Plant Cell Growth system was taken, the growers tested the product and concluded it gave fewer branch breakages, less A2 grading and higher production per square meter. These advantages, combined with a higher uniformity of the plants led to these customers investing in the Plant Growth Cell. They see it as a worthwhile investment. In advance of the installation a business case was developed with the client to assess the time it would take to get a return on their investment.

It was a challenge at all three growers’ locations to integrate the Plant Growth Cell into the existing business operations. The Plant Growth Cells should be easily integrated in order to ensure operational business efficiency. WPS, in conjunction with its three clients, developed a plan to introduce the Plant Growth Cells into the operations process. The nurseries are supplied with suitable automation enabling the automatic buffering of Plant Growth Cells. Also, a stacking machine was developed which allows the Plant Growth Cells to be de-stacked automatically once they have been buffered.

At this time there are seven leading growers working with the Plant Growth Cells, while many others are currently testing them.

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