Ready, set, go! Construction of a new $10 million pre-commercial greenhouse at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre (Vineland) is underway. This new centre is expected to bolster the economic growth of the Niagara Region and increase the competitiveness of the greenhouse industry. The completion date for the project is spring 2015.

“The design of the new greenhouse is based on stakeholders’ input. It will not only be a horticulture research centre but also act as a catalyst for the commercialization of research programs to improve the competitiveness of the sector,” says Dr. Jim Brandle, Vineland’s CEO.

Ontario boasts over half of Canada’s total greenhouse production contributing to more than 50 per cent of Ontario’s horticulture’s $2.4 billion farm gate value. Niagara is the second largest producer of greenhouse products in Ontario with approximately 200 greenhouses and 18 million square feet of operations.

The 40,000 square feet greenhouse (almost one full acre) will focus on both flower and vegetable growing conditions unique to Ontario. Toronto-based Baird Sampson Neuert Architects have designed the complex to provide pre-commercial spaces with enhanced environmental controls and a versatile layout, optimal conditions to meet our partners’ research needs.

“The Canadian floriculture sector plays a significant role in our economy with over $1.3 billion in farm gate sales, attributing close to $5 billion in economic impact. The research taking place at the new greenhouse will provide us with the tools to make us more profitable and globally competitive,” said Dean Shoemaker, Executive Director at Flowers Canada Growers.

TR Hinan Contractors were awarded the greenhouse construction contract in June. In business for more than 20 years, the St. Catharines firm has a strong reputation and diverse portfolio. The construction of the complex is expected to last 43 weeks.

Vineland’s industry-focused research creates impact and results for the Canadian greenhouse industry.

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