Michael Niederriter, co-owner of Burnin' Mojo Hot Sauce, will soon have one of the largest variety pepper farms in the country. The company home-grows and hand picks all of the peppers for their homemade hot sauce.

Niederriter's current pepper patch has more than 50 varieties of peppers, and come this time next year, that number will more than double.

"Next year we do plan on growing 100 or 105 different varieties," said Niederriter. "We get all our seed from a quality seed company out of Australia, The Hippy Seed Company," he said.

As of now, Niederriter has more than 90 plants and more than 50 varieties all to be used in his company's hot sauce called Burnin' Mojo, which is ranked in the top 20 by Four Seasons Hotels.

He and his company have purchased 50 acres of land where his growing will expand. His pepper varieties include the Chocolate Seven Pod Preamo, Asian Birdseye, and the super hot chocolate ghost chile and many more.

Niederriter is all about being local and keeping this soon-to-be 50 acre pepper farm in Binghamton.

"We do get asked to move around the country a lot. We have been asked to move to five different states right now. We tell them we are staying in Binghamton, New York," he said.

Source: wbng.com