Golden Eagle Evergreens/IEF Corporation, a worldwide exporter of floral greens from the Pacific Northwest, also produces Christmas products for the Holidays for the US and international markets.

“We see that the floral industry is trending towards integrating with the fruit and vegetable sector as the smaller retail florist disappears. With the increased quality of floral products offered at supermarkets combined with the shared overhead and established logistics, these larger outlets are becoming the new source for floral products worldwide,” says Shane Gervais, General Manager, IEF Corporation.

Not only supermarkets but many larger fruit stands carry these seasonal items along with floral bouquets to extend their sales into the Christmastime. During this time, wreaths, garlands and decorators in particular are very attractive to the produce industry.

“An increase of the commingling of the vegetable and floral products at
auctions worldwide as well as Trade Shows will serve to expand the partnership between the produce and floral markets,” concludes Janis van Well, owner, IEF Corporation

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