Botanical Innovations is an Australian family business devoted to the manufacture of natural solutions for the agricultural industry on the basis of essential oils. “Basically, we look at some of Australia’s native plants from which essential oils can be produced and we study the various properties these may have for agriculture,” explains Kerry Ferguson, managing director of the firm. “Our focus is basically on innovation, research and development.”

Botanical Innovations' products, including a bio fumigant and a bio fungicide, are thus geared towards the horticultural industry, which currently includes mostly greenhouse, potato and vegetable growers. In addition to the domestic market, Kerry affirms that “we are soon planning to target the Asian market, to which end we’ll attend Horti Asia in Bangkok next year. After that, we would like to move on to the United States and/or Europe.”

The company’s range of products includes FUNGI Plus, which is suitable against powdery mildew. “This product can be either directly sprayed on or introduced in the irrigation system. The University is currently running trials, which will last for about two months, and which will provide potential customers with case studies applicable to both greenhouse and open field production.”Such natural solutions are obviously popular amongst organic growers, although they are gradually also catching the attention of conventional growers. “In Australia we certainly see a growing trend in the use of more natural products,” affirms Kerry.

Japanese Euronymus before treatment; plants were sprayed with FUNGI Plus twice, once on the 20th of July 2014 and a second time two weeks later.

 Japanese Euronymus after treatment, photo taken on August 25.

Botanical Innovations is currently highly interested in establishing contact with Australian growers or companies that may be interested in trialling its products to compare their effectiveness with that of already available solutions. “Numerous studies already confirm that our products do not cause any long-term harm or remain in the soil for a long period of time. We have been trailing on ornamentals as rhododendrons, camellias and Japanese Euronymus and will begin fruit and vegetable trials in September", concludes Kerry Ferguson.

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