Terra Tech Corp (TRTC) is pleased to announce their subsidiaries MediFarm, MediFarm I and Medifarm II have submitted their applications to operate Medical Marijuana Enterprises (MME) to the state of Nevada. The following summarizes the applications:

Clark County Nevada
Dispensary on Decatur Blvd
Dispensary on Dessert Inn Rd
Cultivation on Gary Ave
Production on Gary Ave

City Of Las Vegas
Dispensary on Western Ave

Washoe County
Dispensary on S. Virginia St
Cultivation on Pyramid Way
Production on Pyramid Way

The Company has already received a special use permit for a cultivation and production facility in Clark County, Nevada and has already submitted its applications for both a special use permit and compliance permit to the City of Las Vegas. Terra Tech has received notice by the City that they are scheduled to appear on the September 30th planning commission agenda. The company submitted their state applications to operate dispensaries within Clark County. If MediFarm is ranked well by the State, and any of the 18 selected by the County are not it potentially creates another opportunity for the company within the County.

"Our team, led by Salwa Ibrahim, did a fantastic job of managing the thousands of pages of documents and aggressive timelines. These applications required coordination between legal, engineers, architects, security, real estate and other professionals in order to assemble the necessary components within the applications framework. Refining this process positions us well to compete throughout the country, explains Derek Peterson, CEO of Terra Tech.

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