A trial carried out by Berryplaza (part of DLV Plant - Netherlands) has demonstrated that Phytophthora in strawberry crops can best be combated by using Trianum in combination with a reduced dose of chemicals. The trial was carried out in the second half of 2013, and comparisons were made with a full chemical strategy and untreated cutting material.
Phytophthora is a disease that can always strike during the propagation of strawberry plants in trays, and it can result in great plant losses. Phytophthora can also cause direct and indirect damage and losses during later stages of the commercial crop's development. Infected plants that are lost to this disease during the production phase result in a direct loss, but also in an indirect loss. Following the loss of some plants, the remaining plants receive a relatively larger quantity of water. This risk of the disease spreading further to previously healthy plants is therefore considerable.
The plants for which chemicals were combined with Trianum-G showed significantly better rooting than those in the chemical reference group, and their vitality was significantly better too.

The best protection against Phytophthora was achieved in the trial in the batch of plants in which Trianum-G was used in combination with a reduced dose of chemicals.
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Note: please check if Trianum is approved for use in your specific crop and country.

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