Hand watering can be a time consuming job. However, there is no substitute for growing professionals when it comes to watering quality combined with the ability to walk-the-crop.

Unfortunately, hoses twist, causing unwanted delays and hassles. Dramm is pleased to introduce our new Brass Hose Swivel. The Brass Hose Swivel is a LIVE SWIVEL. This means it swivels while under pressure, allowing for unencumbered movement between the hose and the watering tool.

Kinks twist free seamlessly, without having to manually twist the hose. Watering is easier without having to fight the natural tension in the hose.

The Brass Hose Swivel is machined fro brass bar stock and is built for durability.

The swivel is in final testing now and should be available for sale late Summer/early Fall of 2014.

Dramm has been making professional watering tools for nurseries, greenhouse growers and avid gardeners for over 65 years. Dramm strives to produce products that save time and energy while providing quality products that will last a lifetime.

For more information about Dramm’s new Brass Hose Swivel and other Dramm products and services visit us online at www.dramm.com.

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