Hoogendoorn and Japanese partner Ishiguro have jointly received a Japanese delegation at the headquarters of Hoogendoorn in Vlaardingen, the Netherlands. The delegation consisted of 28 people, in addition to growers, there are also researchers and a journalist present. The purpose of their visit was to get acquainted with the Dutch horticulture and innovative automation solutions.

The Japanese were particularly interested in the systems that lead to savings in greenhouses and thus take work off your hands. The Hoogendoorn process computer controls the greenhouse climate, saves on water and energy and also reduces labour costs.

Hoogendoorn and Ishiguro jointly provided a presentation on the latest developments in the field of automation and the ease of use of the systems, with an emphasis on the new next generation iSii process computer.

The new software functionalities and high durable hardware, the next generation iSii offers more functionality options, ease and speed. These product modifications extend product life span, increase user-friendliness and provide growers peace of mind.

During the extended tour at pepper grower VD Holland (Hoogendoorn customer), the Japanese could see the operation of the systems in practice. They were impressed by the Dutch technology and the sizes of the greenhouses. In addition, they also had an eye for the measures which are related to hygiene in the greenhouses and in order to promote the quality of the products.

Kayo Teramura (Hoogendoorn customer), also present during this visit, uses the process computer iSii and is very pleased about the system. “Since I’m using the iSii, I have more grip on the greenhouse climate, before I didn’t at all. Moreover, the iSii is easy to use, so I highly recommend the system.“
Kayo Teramura, iSii user

Takanovi Hovibe, researcher at Chubu universiteit in Kasugai City, Japan, indicated to be impressed with the Dutch greenhouses and technology. “This is the first time that I visit Holland. When I walked into the greenhouse of VD Holland I though wow! In Japan greenhouses are much smaller than in Holland. 1 hectare is already large. The Hoogendoorn systems that they use here are useful and I think they can also make a big difference for growers in Japan.”
Takanovi Hovibe, researcher at Chubu universiteit, Japan

The day was closed with a visit to producer of coco substrates Van der Knaap.
The following days were followed with visits to Bosman Van Zaal, tulip grower Kreuk, Phalaenopsis grower Orchids Amore Mio, GreenQ and Wageningen UR. A technical seminar and a tour were organized at GreenQ and Wageningen UR.

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