On July 21st, Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez, participated in the inauguration of Lempira Agropark, the first of its kind in Central America, located in La Campa, Lempira, Honduras.

The government of Honduras is supporting this and other similar initiatives that provide jobs in rural areas of Honduras. It is a Honduran priority to introduce leading edge technology that achieves higher productivity and better quality in the agricultural sector. This will make Honduras agricultural sector more competitive!

As mentioned by Fernando Villatoro, Board Member Director and GM, “Lempira Agropark is intended for local and international companies that are looking to invest in High Tech Greenhouses. This is an innovative concept that delivers higher productivity and excellent quality. The administrative processes is very lean as the Agropark will offer services that include:
  • Customs on site
  • Utilities
  • Medical clinics for the employees of the companies that operate inside the Agropark.
  • Specialized teams that can support with quality and environmental certifications.
  • Consolidated purchases, accounting services, payroll & HR services, among others.
  • Multi functional packhouse, for those companies that only want to invest in production area.

During the event, the renowned agricultural university, Escuela Agricola Panamericana “Zamorano”, thru its Rector Dr. Jeffrey Lansdale, has also expressed its intention to support the birth of the “Protected Agriculture Cluster in Honduras”, as they are considering opening a Research and Training facility inside Agropark Lempira. The main objectives are to train the technicians necessary to operate the greenhouses, as well as to tailor the existing technologies. “With the support of Zamorano, we can expect the Research and Training facility will become a centre of innovation, that will put Honduras on the map of Greenhouse production”, Fernando Villatoro said.

Companies that operate inside the agropark can operate under the Free Zone status which provides ample tax incentives including, income & sales tax exemptions, as well as import duties exemption for materials & supplies necessary to run the operation.

Honduras provides a strategic investment opportunity given its proximity US market and well equipped port in Cortez that facilitates shipments to other key markets, including EU
For more information about investing in Honduras you can contact the office of Investment, contact info Yankel Rosenthal, Acordoba@presidencia.gob.hn or contact Agropark Lempira, Fernando Villatoro FVillatoro@Mayainternationalproduce.com or freshearthproducts@gmail.com and visit