Last week, from July 23-25, the GPEC took place at the Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition Centre in Japan. Besides a fair amount of international exhibitors, a large submission of Japanese companies showcased their innovations and supplies during this biannual exhibition and conference for Greenhouse Horticulture and Plant Factory Technology. 

Also was present to learn more about the development of protected cultivation in Japan. We made a photo report of the show and had the chance to speak with leading Japanese growers, industry bodies, consultants and other professionals related to horticulture development. 

By attracting an impressive amount of visitors, the the GPEC conference has become a platform that is a welcome addition to the statements Japan has made in regards to sustainable energy production and domestic food production. Over the last couple of years, the Japanese government has revealed it's plans to increase funding for advanced local vegetable production. Together with the country's desire for a more energy efficient operating economy, greenhouse horticulture has become a hot topic during many analytical trade missions in conjunction with the Netherlands.

In the coming weeks (after our vacation break) we will highlight a few of the projects that are now in the pipeline for the Japanese horticulture. These projects are partly as a result of the previous trade missions to the Netherlands and at the GPEC, a total of nine government funded plans were showcased and we had a chance to speak with some of the parties that are involved in the realization of these.

Together with the large amount of exhibitors, innovative technology on display and numerous amount of seminars and training sessions being held, the GPEC has become a very interesting platform that can play a key role in the elaboration of the plans of the Japanese government. 

Our visit to Japan has made us see that the country can become an important region for horticulture development. In the coming weeks you can learn more about this via our newsletter. For now, you will have to do it with the photo report we made at the show. Sayonara!