F&S Produce Company Inc., the leading manufacturer and marketer of fresh-cut produce and other refrigerated value-added products in the Northeast United States, announced it will be introducing Sam’s Fresh Salsa to all of its customers after a successful test market in Philadelphia and New York.

Sam Pipitone, President and CEO at F&S, stated, “We are very excited to introduce our all natural Sam’s Fresh Salsa to all the retail and food service customers in the Northeast and Mid Atlantic States. We developed this product to duplicate the all natural salsa we made at F&S Produce for company parties and special events. Sam’s Fresh Salsa was introduced to the test market areas in 2013 and has become an extremely successful brand in those markets with tremendous consumer loyalty. Sam’s Fresh Salsa is an all natural product which makes it a perfect extension of the freshness and safety commitment we have at F&S Produce Company”.

Doug Nicoll, Director of Technical Services at F&S, indicated, “The packaging is superior in that the tamper-evident film seal and cover are leakproof and can reseal tightly to help preserve leftover salsa. The customer can clearly view the fresh, colourful salsa on store shelves. As a certified SQF 2000 company with comprehensive food safety and quality systems, the customer can feel assured of fresh, wholesome, tasty salsa”.

F&S worked closely with our retail test market partners to make sure we had the proper taste profile, price point and promotional strategy for Sam’s Fresh Salsa. Sam Burleson, VP of Sales & Marketing at F&S, stated, “Sam’s Fresh Salsa will launch in our new full colour preprinted film sealed containers and will be available in mild, medium, hot and mango/pineapple varieties. We will tailor a promotional strategy with each retailer to ensure we develop programs that create excitement and deliver the fresh, all natural message to the consumer. With the introduction of Sam’s Fresh Salsa the consumer now has a clear choice to purchase a fresh all natural alternative to the existing processed salsa brands”.

For more information:
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