Willem Dijk has recently started her own greenhouse green bean speciality. Willem Dijk Junior says they have selected a grower for their business. "For the past few years we have not had a good greenhouse green bean supplier, but our clients have asked for one. This is why we studied some growers to see what the possibilities were. One grower was prepared to specialize in greenhouse green beans.

"This grower has been mixing old variates with new varieties for the past two years ad this has resulted in a delicious new bean. These greenhouse green beans are tender and sweet. The first volumes of these beans are now available until November. Of course, this is not a product that sells a whole lot, this is more of a small scale product. Our grower is specialized in this sort of small scale production. Our grower also grows greenhouse runner beans and marrowfat peas for us. He concentrates on the unique product instead of mega production.

Luxury product
The price for these beans is higher than 'normal' beans. "We are talking about prices around 4.50 to 5 Euro right now. We are following the market so that price can change during the season. Therefore this bean is a luxury product for true fans that are willing to spend a little extra. The grower selects and picks the beans by hand so that they stay good longer. Only the best beans are chosen according to the quality brand 'Werkelijk Delicaat'. In the pod of the bean there are small peas. The beans are not fibred but tender, this means that only the ends and heads need to be cut off during preparation. These beans are the most tasty when cooked. They still feel a little firm. It really is a delicacy," says Willem enthusiastically.

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