In the Venlo vent-opening mechanism, rail brackets has been used for years which is clamped to the truss. This tradition is coming to an end, however, slowly but surely.

As more and more systems are being integrated in the greenhouse, the space where the rail bracket can be mounted on the truss is shrinking. It is therefore very important to mount the rail bracket to a fixed site, determined in advance.

Van der Valk Systemen responded to this need by developing the new galvanised steel rail bracket.

Compact, strong and competitive price
Thanks to its unique slender form, created in one piece, this product is not only compact, it is also incredibly strong.

To be able to mount the universal rail brackets directly on the truss, Van der Valk Systemen developed a handy mounting tool. As this tool is removed after mounting, the sides of the truss remain free, and the screen profiles can fit better onto the truss.

Last week the first project involving the new universal rail bracket was concluded to everyone’s satisfaction.

The benefits of the galvanised universal rail bracket:
  • Thanks to the slender design, a very competitive price
  • Minimal obstruction of light with its compact format
  • Super strong
  • Edges of the truss remain free
  • Simple mounting on a previously determined site
  • Includes handy mounting tool for straight mounting
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