With AquaFloora from TGU, you can have clean, evenly distributed irrigation for your greenhouse benches. Businesses will especially benefit from the low maintenance needs of our newly developed capillary mat in retail areas and shops. Due to its unique design, the mat uses the full potential of both layers to provide ideal distribution.

Seamless bond of non-woven fleece and ground cover fabrics

The formula for AquaFloora’s success lies in its seamless bond of high capillary Aqua-Fil-Fleece and Ground Cover fabrics. Both fabrics are firmly bonded and each component contributes its own properties to the high performance of the product.

Smooth and even water distribution

Water spreads evenly to the entire crop surface through the properties of the non-woven fleece fabric. This form of irrigation is commonly used for the initial cultivation of plants, which cannot thrive with the use of an ebb and flow irrigation process or on benches in retail areas.

Saves time through simple cleaning

AquaFloora eases the maintenance of visible bench surfaces, keeping them extremely clean. The Ground Cover fabric, which is placed on the surface area, can easily be cleaned with a rag or broom. With its impressively simple handling and longevity, the two-layered mat is an appealing addition to your greenhouse.

Simple tailoring and display

The seamless bond of both fabrics allows for simple and easy tailoring with normal scissors with no frazzle on the edges. While displaying the mat on greenhouse benches, both fabrics remain firmly connected to each other. This results is a low-wrinkle surface, leaving almost no stagnant water. Evaporation will decrease!

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