The largest part of the greenhouses for the 27 hectare solar project in Southern France, have been fitted with solar panels and completed by Van der Hoeven. Of the 12 projects, 8 have been realized. Two projects are under construction and the last 2 projects will commence in September. Preparations for the final projects are in full swing. There has been some delay due to heavy rainfall throughout the seasons, but currently 56,000 solar panels are in place and the first raspberries are already in the shops.

Although the projects are the same as far as the construction of the greenhouse is concerned, the implementation of each project is different. This is a nice challenge, which we will successfully conclude at the end of the year.

Swiss Radies new Solar project in Switzerland

Van der Hoeven not only realises Solar projects in France, but also in the rest of the world. Currently, they have commenced with the expansion of 12,000 m² at their customer Swiss Radies. This project is under the supervision of their partner Gysi Berglas, with whom they have worked in partnership for the Swiss market for 20 years.

In the coming months Van der Hoeven will be installing special Solar panels in Switzerland.

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