Certi unites top producers and their products under one consumer brand for the horticultural sector.

With this, it provides a complete overview of the products on offer that takes the seasons into account in a fully closed chain. Along with the horticultural products, Certi offers high-quality soil and fertiliser in unique packages.

By uniting its selection of top producers and their products under one consumer brand, Certi guarantees a constant quality of the horticultural product. By linking this guarantee to a brand, Certi generates continuing familiarity with it among consumers.

Do you have any suitable products and are you prepared to meet high requirements for product quality? Then you can participate in Certi and profit from the distinctive power of this brand.

Certi is being sold successfully at 11 sales points, particularly in Germany. The shops are arranged in a recognisable style with distinctive POS-material, while in garden centres the Shop-in-Shop model is used.

Through the clever combination of Category Management and sourcing of the high-quality product, Certi is able to create value for the grower and the consumer. The consumer gets a product that can be enjoyed for a long time, and with the correct price proposition, this added value can be passed back to the grower. Clustering of product and rising sales figures are generating a need for greater volume of a high-quality supply.

Watch the instruction film for German customers about the Certi care products:

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In the autumn, growers' meetings will be organised to inform growers about the possibilities that participation in Certi offers.

For more information, visit www.floraholland.com