Homestead Growers is a family owned greenhouse located in Vineland, Ontario, Canada. Business began in 1970 by Peter and Johanna Albers, growing bedding plants and seedlings. Their eldest son, John, purchased the business in 1983 and focused on growing potted chrysanthemums. In 1990, he started Calla Lily production and continues to remain an outstanding supplier to North American distributors, garden centres and florists. John Albers is the General Manager and Head Grower, his sister, Sharon Snoei, is the Sales and Marketing Manager.

"With over 20 years of experience and a specialist in the field, we concentrate on being the best grower of calla lilies we can be. Always on the lookout for new varieties, production practises and techniques, we continue to better ourselves and our product year after year. With the changing economic and demographic scenery we felt the desire from the public to provide added value to the plants we are growing. Along with a first class quality Calla Lily, we provide sales and marketing material to help promote the Calla Lily. Education to the retailer and especially to the consumer, through signage, web based info, and clearer care instructions in the plant encourage and reinforce the decision to buy. Upgrade selections that suit trends and holidays are tasteful and fun to give as a gift or to treat yourself."

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