In promotional work for companies and products it is important to use multichannel media in such a way that they complement each other so the information adds up to an overall picture. This is why Pöppelmann TEKU has chosen to highlight the value of TEKU products with videos that are purposely made accessible to the broad public via YouTube.

"Our goal is to use the new media opportunities for image branding and to take a rather unusual path for our industry," states sales manager Arno Zerhusen clearly. The package is composed of conventional testimonial ads, QR code and videos. "We work with selected specialist companies and focus on their services. They provide people with flowers and plants, create jobs and train young people. These are topics that give the public an overall positive and improved image of horticulture."

Testimonials and films focus on horticulturists in various specialist divisions, not the TEKU products. The unifying element is the partnership between supplier and customer, viewed from the customer's perspective. As in most business, the modern production processes used by horticultural enterprises tolerate no delays or material shortages. Good partners are reliable, quality-conscious and always flexible when needed. The film, which is available via QR-Code, supports the statement of the testimonial.

While growers talk about their career, their love of their profession, business development, their cultures and also their family, their colleagues can be seen handling or potting plants or preparing them for market. Their work is done quickly and easily, as the TEKU pots and trays are designed in such a way that everything runs smoothly, even when using modern technology. Wonderful.

At the same time the viewer learns that Pöppelmann always listens to problems encountered by the grower. Pöppelmann customers can be sure that their wishes will not only be heard but they will also receive solutions. In the films, these solutions are skilfully presented to interested experts in a subtle way.

With the launch of the campaign, all growers can get an idea of how a good partnership between the customer and supplier can be presented for the benefit of both partners. "One of our partners is so impressed by his film that he will also use it on his website for his own advertising", points out Zerhusen about a real Teku added value.

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