Plantech Control Systems is a supplier of some well-known horticultural brand names, such as Priva, Aweta, Javo, Wanjet, Vostermans and Buitendijk-Slaman. Around 40 years ago the company was established in Beamsville, as a small electrical company that was focussed on the greenhouse industry. “Back then our business was mainly focussed on the floriculture industry, since Plantech is located in the middle of southern Niagara, only a half hour drive from Niagara-Falls, where a lot of ornamental greenhouses are established,” says Cees de Groot, sales manager at Plantech.

The Plantech team

“Since 2007 we saw a decrease in the sales of equipment for the ornamental industry. That was the moment Plantech Control Systems Inc. shifted their focus more and more from greenhouse flowers to greenhouse vegetables. Although we have not abandoned the greenhouse flower growers at all, vegetable cultivation is a much faster growing industry and many more projects are happening in this area. We’re a company with eight employees and I’m the only salesman. Our company is doing their utmost to deliver high quality service.”
The core business of Plantech is greenhouse electrical and Priva climate control systems. Plantech has been a dealer for Priva for many years. They are selling, installing and servicing all the Priva products that are available. “One of the current owners, Richard Hiebendaal, worked at Priva for a long time before he came to Plantech. Moreover, Plantech and Priva are neighbours. We share the same parking lot.” Additionally Plantech is a CSA/UL approved panel builder.

In 2009 Plantech became a dealer of Aweta sorting machines. They started selling Aweta sorting lines in Eastern Canada, yet business was going so well that they asked permission to Aweta G&P BV. in the Netherlands to become an Aweta dealer for the whole of Canada. “Now Plantech is supplying and installing Aweta sorting machines for fruit and vegetables “from coast to coast”.

Plantech supplies the equipment, installs it and can also do the maintenance. “We offer a full service package anywhere in Canada and the USA. By installing a new project we’ll make sure that everything works before we leave the building and if any failure on the system occurs, we’ll be there to fix it.”

Plantech is also a dealer of Javo potting machines, Wanjet spray robots, Vostermans Ventilation and logistical systems for Buitendijk-Slaman BV. All Dutch companies…

“I think that’s understandable, since the complete history of the greenhouse originates from the Netherlands,” says Cees, who was born in the Dutch city of Gouda. “All eyes are focussed on the Netherlands when it comes to new greenhouse technologies, and Canada is no different”.

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