Temperature fluctuations and quick weather changes lead to both time and personal effort to open and close plastic at tunnel sides. If tunnels are not vented condensed water occurs at internal sides of tunnel plastic. As a result high relative humidity along with increasing temperatures cause fungal diseases and influence plant health. Mechanical or electrical automation of venting as well as manual opening and closing are possible but combined with additional costs.

VOEN covers – a hail net base onto which is sewn a number of plastic flaps- offers permanent ventilation. It is possible to provide existing poly tunnels with self-ventilating plastic at the side walls. With an angle of minimum 40° on the tunnel hoops venting covers can be installed. An innovative part of the system: solid plastic on top and venting plastic at the sides are connected with zippers. The unique benefit is easy and quick installation of venting plastic at the sides. In case of replacement single parts can be changed without replacing the complete plastic.

Apricot growers in South of Germany envisage minimisation of residues according to requirements of supermarkets and government. Since 2 years they have positive experience working without pesticides from spring to harvest time in VOEN covered apricots.

With regard to cherries and berries in VOEN tunnels it is possible to protect against Drosophila suzukii with self-venting covers at the sides. Cherry and Raspberry Growers in UK are showing interest in the product. Projects will be installed for season 2015.

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