The world started to get interested in rocket towards the end of the 1990s and Italy is the leading producer worldwide.

"La Linea Verde", one of the main players of the salad industry and co-owner of Ortomad, was available to comment.

"There are various factors that contributed to the popularity of rocket worldwide. First of all, the produce is available the whole year round and is easy to cultivate. In addition, the price is always accessible and the shelf-life is long. The success was extremely good news especially for our country, as for many years rocket was only cultivated in Italy." 

Rocket in greenhouses at Ortomad.

Italy is still the leader, even though France, Spain and US have also started growing it. "Still, all operators of the sector are specialised, so experience still manages to make a difference!"

Rocket leaves at Ortomad.

Linea Verde-Ortomad grow rocket on 500 hectares and handle 13 tons every day on average. "There are many varieties, although there are ten that are the most popular. Recently, some new cultivars have been introduced with different flavours and colours, but they are still not so popular."

Rocket sprouts.

70% of the rocket grown by La Linea Verde-Ortomad is destined for the preparation of fresh-cut salads.

A lot of care and attention go into every phase of the processing. "Just visit our greenhouses to understand that nothing is left to chance. The same high-quality must be guaranteed throughout the year!"

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