Rijk Zwaan from De Lier is set to expand its Burgemeester Crezeelaan location, updating its 2013 expansion with a new state of the art greenhouse.

In order to meet current demand, it is necessary for Rijk Zwaan to continue investment in new technology. Therefore, various departments will be fitted with grow lights and a refrigerated section is added to the existing structure. There are now segments with perpendicular gutter cultivation.

The entire complex is suitable for a dual screen. All 16 units averaging 650 m2 are equipped with a 10 Svensson XLS Ultra Revolux screen and the lit sections receive an Svensson XLS SL 99 Revolux screen.

Several contractors are involved in the project. The screen plates by Leen Huisman are provided with a white coating and are part of the wall construction. Although it is not a turnkey project, there is close cooperation between the various parties involved, which has led to the project being on schedule. Leen Huisman has begun assembling the technical installations this week. The blinds and insect screens by Marquis will be retrofitted in order to avoid being damaged by construction work.

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