Kronen engineers have developed an automated bell pepper processing line according to specific customer’s requirements, consisting of two (2) GEWA 5050V PLUS Bell Pepper washing machines with integrated transport systems.

Up to 7 tons/h raw product can be processed (= approx. 5 - 5,5 tons good product).
The processing line will become operational already in June 2014.

These machines have been specially designed for washing and sorting sliced bell pepper (completely cut with core and kernels). One of the key features is an automatic separation method allowing different kinds of bell pepper (diced or sliced) to be processed.

By means of a sophisticated water streaming system the waste and good product are separated thus saving extensive costs:
1. Light parts (core and „white parts“) drift on the surface of the water and are discharged by a link conveyer
2. Heavy parts (kernels) fall to the bottom and are discharged through the sand trap funnels
3. Good product is discharged by the vibration outfeed for further processing

The automatic bell pepper processing line consists of:
  • A mobile infeed conveying system (30°) linked with a horizontal shuttle conveyor which allows either one or both machines to be feeded
  • Sand trap funnel for paprika seeds: This sedimentation unit allows an optimal and thorough washing of even very soiled products! In combination with the WMS (water management system), an automatic part-drainage at regular intervals and consequently a permanent regeneration of the washing water can be assured
  • Lateral fines removal drum
  • Exchangable vibration sieves with various perforations (5, 8 und 15 mm)
  • Integrated outfeed belts for good procts as well as waste
  • Modern control technology, by means of a central switch box both machines can be controlled separately and all infeed & outfeed belts can be connected individually
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