Potential F1 is set to revolutionise the production of long life tomatoes, as it offers some unique characteristics that are beneficial for both producers and consumers. The greatest virtue of Potential F1 is a very uniform production, with large G and GG calibres throughout the entire crop cycle. In practice, Potential F1 allows for the harvest of fruits with a much higher calibre than average during most of the productive cycle. For this reason, the advertising slogan that accompanies the promotion of Potential F1 perfectly conveys its main feature: "After Potential F1, everything will seem small."

Potential F1 is a very stable variety, especially adapted to the conditions of south eastern Spain, and its cultivation is thus devoid of ups and downs. The fruit has an excellent quality even in the coldest months and can withstand low temperatures without any loss in commercial quality. It is recommended for transplants from mid-August and its agronomic handling is excellent. Its distinctive bright red colour and firm and glowing skin remain constant during the entire harvest campaign.

Yield and resistances
In addition to a high yield, the variety also offers resistance to TYLCV, nematodes and Fusarium radicis. The balance that Nunhems has managed to achieve between yield and resistances results in a very safe production. If we also take into account its large calibres, it all points to Potential F1 being a more profitable option for producers, while perfectly covering the demand for long life tomatoes from any market, since distances are no obstacle thanks to its excellent post-harvest performance.