The Jet-Precooler is portable, powerful, and inter modal. And now, according to Global Cooling Inc., the 50th Jet Precooler has been built and shipped. This particular unit, was tendered to a carrier for domestic air freight to a well known tree fruit company in the Pacific Northwest.

Jim with his latest and greatest.

“Our Jet Precoolers are so powerful and affordable,” explained Jim Still, Global's CVO, “They just flat out make money for everyone who owns one just about everywhere you could use powerful forced-air cooling in your operations.”

Jet Pre-cooler crating for standing of lying down shipping.

Every Jet Precooler has 20 HP of axial fans, which are rated at 33,000 cfm at one-inch of static pressure. “That is a lot of air,” said Still. “Typically, 10 pallets or pallet equivalents if using field bins, yields just over 3,000 cfm per pallet. That is world-class forced-air cooling performance.”

Jet Precooler loaded lying down for air transport.

Still went on to say that his company's “Rapid-Cool” 20-pallet 2-tier pre-coolers, deliver more than 6,000 cfm per pallet, “Which is off the charts powerful and fast for pre-cooling or re-cooling.”

“Moisture is freshness, and freshness sells” said Still, who is known to many as “Banana Jim”, for having invented the Tarpless® ripening system with his first successful start-up, which was sold to a Dutch multinational in 1997.

“Prompt and proper pre-cooling,” Still explained, “is a post harvest magic hat reduces produce and floral respiration, and in so doing, minimizes water loss, which is the key to maximizing shelf life and saleable weight, and preserving curb appeal and flavor.”

Jet precoolers with Chilean grapes.

“What goes unnoticed by many,” according to Still, “is that all post harvest gains, achieved by operating a better cold chain, drop straight to the bottom line as pure profit.” Continuing with his example, Still added “If a grower or packer can suddenly realize an extra 1% product weight to sell, if he or she sells by the pound or kilo, that additional revenue is all pure profit, in many cases adding 25% or more to the company's total profit amount.”

YRC is the carrier of choice for Jet Precoolers.

The Jet units are very popular with 3PL/service providers in the United States that receive imported produce, crossing by tractor trailer from Mexico, or delivered by vessels and planes at ports and airports. For them, the Jets are used to re-cool fruit, vegetables, and flowers, that have warmed in transit, or while awaiting inspection by customs or USDA officials, which are but two of the ways the cold chain can break down.

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