VEK is convinced that they can provide the right greenhouse solution for every crop, climate and budget. Worldwide. It’s all about the balance between market, budget and climate.

A crop needs the right environment for optimal fresh produce. The market potential should justify the budget. The budget determines the viability of cultivation on a certain location.

The budget has to be based on both the initial investment and the operational costs. For each climatic zone VEK has a solution to make the greenhouse climate close to ideal for the crop inside. If the climatic circumstances are extreme (cold, hot, tropical, wet), the availability of the right ingredients has to be guaranteed and must be part of the budget.

Energy and labour determines usually the largest part of the operational cost. It’s all about the right calculation and complete figure of the investment, before making the right choices.

Which greenhouse fits best to the given circumstances? VEK has more than 40 years’ international greenhouse project experience and is ready for sharing to the world.

Tropical, dry or temperate climate: VEK “global greenhouse projects” will guide growers and investors to make the right choices based on fresh produce market potential. It’s all about balance.

Please come and visit our Green Session by Xander van der Zande on the Energy Pavilion:
  • Wednesday 11 June 14:00
You can find VEK in hall 9 stand 216. They are looking forward to meet you.

For more information please check or contact Xander van der Zande