A large greenhouse complex, which will grow vegetables, leafy greens and strawberries, will be built in Baikalsk. According to the city’s mayor Vasily Temgenevsky, a relevant project is being prepared. It is expected that the complex will cover an area of about 5 hectares and will create about 200 jobs, including jobs for former employees of notorious Paper and Pulp Mill.

Along with the greenhouse complex it is planned to build an agricultural processing plant. A new farmers market, which is under construction now, will also have an agricultural processing unit on the ground floor. The unit will be also provided with fruit and vegetables produced by local residents, not just farmers.

"Now there are a few large greenhouse complexes in the region, among them "Angara" in Ust-Ilim and "Pursey" in Bratsk. But we have no such enterprises in the south. Vegetables from Khomutovo are of very bad quality. Why don’t we create a large enterprise which would provide residents of the Irkutsk region with quality fresh produce? We have human resources and a suitable climate with moderate winters and summers, here in Baikalsk," said Vasily Temgenevsky.

Source: sia.ru